Western Lands

Western Lands, LLC is a full service land enhancement consulting firm that works with the owners of the finest ranch and luxury resort properties throughout the western United States to help bring their project dreams to reality. We make the experience of owning and improving your land investment as enjoyable and stress free as possible by working closely with you to determine your goals for the land and then handling every last detail of the planning, design, project management, and owner’s rep services until the projects are complete.

We provide:

  • Property master planning
  • Ecological and aesthetic land improvements
    • Trout streams
    • Ponds
    • Wetlands
    • Vegetation plans
    • Earthwork and land sculpting
    • Detailed landscape architectural design
  • Luxury homes, cabins, barns, riding arenas, etc.
  • Roads, trails, fencing, entry features, etc.  
  • Any type of project that you can envision

Western Lands provides our unique and discerning clientele the absolute highest level of customer service while we work on your behalf to complete the project to that same level of excellence. We act on the principle to always look for the most efficient, sustainable, and cost effective solutions for every project.  

From the smaller luxury resort lot up to the multi-thousand acre legacy ranch property and anything in between, Western Lands is the premiere company to help you complete the projects and maximize the value of your property. We will assemble our project teams that will be the best fit for your specific tastes, goals, and budget and then manage the process all the way to the final construction detail.  

To add additional benefit to our clients, Western Lands has a real estate division that focuses solely on buyer representation. This way we can provide an unbiased look at the entire ranch and resort markets to help you find you the absolute best property for your goals and budget. 

If you have a property or are considering purchasing one, please contact us to discuss your ideas and goals for the land. We would sincerely welcome the opportunity to work with you.