Project Experience


Private Ranch

Genessee Park, CO

Western Lands is currently working with the owner of this small ranch to rezone and replatt the property with the County so he may create four separate building lots. In addition, we are undertaking a large scale landscape enhancement project that includes the restoration of an existing stock pond and adjacent wetlands. We will be installing a wooden tower windmill that will function to aerate the pond and also provide aesthetic interest to the landscape.  


K&G Ranch

Larkspur, CO

Western Lands was retained to provide an overall site enhancement plan for this 135-acre ranch located in Douglas County Colorado. We developed land enhancement plans that included the design of approximately 1/4 mile of recirculating stream, ponds, wetlands, and native revegetation. The water will be recirculated by using a windmill to pump water from the lower pond back up to the top of the stream system. In additon, we developed an integrated weed management plan and native grass seeding

 for 100-acres of pasture that had been overrun by noxious weeds. We also assisted the property owner in locating and interviewing the architect for his custom home, barns, and world class indoor riding arena.

Left Hand Creek Restoration

Boulder, CO

Western Lands developed conceptual restoration plans for two private landowners whose properties were destroyed by the major floods of 2013. These plans were used by the contractors to obtain permits and to actually construct the restoration project. We developed river layout options that also included native wetland and riparian vegetation plans. One of the properties also included a pond and upland habitat restoration.


Private Ranch

Gunnison, CO

Western Lands developed a stream and wetland restoration plan as part of the overall site planning for this 200-acre mountain ranch. The work is part of a Green Energy plan where geothermal resources will be devleoped from the natural hot springs located on the ranch. An extensive native revegetation a

nd erosion control plan has been completed for the private land owner. In addition to the design, we are obtaining permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers for the stream and wetland enhancement work.    

Crooked Willow Ranch

Larkspur, CO

Provided site planning, landscape design, wildlife habitat improvement, and a 1-mile trout stream design. Worked closely with the architects and engineers during the design of the clubhouse, bridge, and roadway design on this 1,400-acre ranch.


Cornerstone Montrose

Montrose, CO

We designed and managed the construction of 16-acres of wetland mitigation and the enhancement of 1+mile of stream restoration on this 6,000-acre ranch located near Montrose, Colorado. The design also included over 10-acres of upland habitat enhancement. We located areas of weed infestations and managed the spraying operations of several acres of noxious weeds. In addition, we provided oversight and management of stormwater management and erosion control measures along the several miles of newly constructed ranch roads.


Eagle River Preserve - Phase 1

Edwards, CO

Designed and managed the construction of a 75-acre design/build gravel mine reclamation in Edwards, Colorado. Phase 1 on the project has been completed, which included 25-acres of upland restoration, wetland habitat, ponds, trails, irrigation, and a parking lot. The client is Eagle County and the park was opened to the public in 2009. Phase 2 and 3 will be completed in the upcoming years.


Lutz Reservoir Wildlife Sanctuary

Brighton, CO

Completed the wetland and landscape reclamation design on this 30-acre open space park and wildlife sanctuary. The project was initiated to provide improved wildlife habitat around a 15-acre reservoir. We designed re-vegetation plans, weed and invasive Russian olive tree control, upland seeding, wetland enhancement plans, fish habitat structures, and a trail system.


Copperleaf Wetland Mitigation

Aurora, CO

Provided the design and construction oversight on a 1-acre wetland habitat mitigation for impacts to existing wetlands caused by a residential development located in Aurora, Colorado. Selected the site and developed the seed mix and native planting palette, which included several thousand wetland plugs, shrubs, willows, and large cottonwood trees.


Tower Road Wetland Mitigation

Denver, CO

Designed a wetland mitigation plan for a 0.5-acre wetland mitigation for impacts to an existing wetland caused by a residential developer located in the eastern outskirts of Denver, Colorado. Specified a low cost, but highly effective treatment to restore a disturbed willow community using over 2,000 willow cuttings as well as a native wetland seeding plan.


Lot 34 Constructed Stormwater Wetlands

Telluride, CO

Provided consultation and design services for a constructed wetland system that filters pollutants from strormwater runoff of a parking lot built by the Town of Telluride. The water enters the wetland system and is filtered before draining into the adjacent San Miguel River.


Holmestead Ranch

Fairplay, CO

Managed the design and construction of a 3/4 mile trout stream restoration on the Middle Fork of the South Platte river on this 155-acre ranch. Developed restoration plans for the riparian habitat, which included bioengineering of streambanks and improved wildlife habitat. Also, designed and installed upland forest habitat, a log riverside shelter, fencing plans, a Texas ranch gate, and an irrigation system for the re-vegetation areas.


San Miguel River Restoration

Telluride, CO

Designed and managed the riparian habitat restoration for over 1-mile of the San Miguel River running through the Town of Telluride, Colorado. The project included streambank stabilization, wildlife habitat, wetlands, trails, and park areas.


San Miguel River Park

Telluride, CO

Provided design and construction oversight services for this 0.5-acre park located in the Town of Telluride adjacent to the San Miguel River.


West Ten Mile Creek Restoration

Copper Mountain, CO

Provided design and construction oversight services for the restoration of West Ten Mile Creek flowing through the base of Copper Mountain Village.


Chatfield Reservoir Wildlife Habitat Enhancement and Wetland Mitigation

Littleton, CO

Designed a 2-acre wildlife habitat for the endangered Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse. A planting plan utilizing native seed, shrubs, and trees was designed to provide food, cover, and nesting habitat for the mouse. A deer and elk exclusion fence was installed while the plant materials established and matured. In addition, a 0.5-acre wetland mitigation was designed and constructed adjacent to the mouse habitat area.