Our projects can vary as much in scope as they can in size. However, the process we follow to ensure we understand your goals and then fulfill them remains consistent.

  • Information Gathering and Site Analysis
  • Project Proposal
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents and Permits
  • Construction Oversight

Information Gathering and Site Analysis

Whether you currently have a ranch property or if we find one for you, each of our projects is going to begin with a conversation to help us ascertain your goals, specific tastes, and budget.


We will then spend time with you on the ranch so we can continue the conversation regarding the project goals. On site is where we pick up the subtleties and unique qualities of the land that can only be revealed by first hand experience. For instance, locating building sites and road layout alternatives or discussing the specifics of a trout stream restoration. With this information, we can now begin to develop your ideas in an informed manner so as to best determine a plan of action to fulfill these goals.


Project Proposal

Prior to initiating any work, we will provide you with a project proposal that will summarize our understanding of your goals and then outline how we will intend to meet them. Included will be our anticipated fees and expenses, a preliminary schedule, and discussions regarding additional sub-consultants and contractors necessary to successfully complete the project.


Design Development

Once the proposal is approved and signed, we will begin preliminary design on your project. Some projects require a great deal of design development, while some do not. Either way, we will hold periodic design review meetings so you understand the direction of the project and have an opportunity to provide input or make changes as the design ideas are in progress. When you approve the design and budget, we will begin the next phase of design, which will be construction documents and any required permits.


Construction Documents and Permits

Complete and accurate construction documentation is imperative to the succces of a project.


Construction Oversight

Managing your project throughout the construction phase is just as critical to the success of the project as providing accurate drawings. We will ensure that the intent of the design is realized in the field so you will be assured that the goals we spent time discussing are constructed as expected.


Regardless of the size and scope of the project, Western Lands provides exceptional results and will keep you informed of every step throughout the life of the project. Our commitment to you is unsurpassed customer service by working tirelessly to exceed the goals of improving the value of your ranch investment.