Western Lands provides our clients with a suite of services that are all centered on maximizing the value of the land. Value can mean aesthetic, ecological, functional, and economic.

Whether it is a large acreage ranch or a small three-acre lot, we will work with you to determine your goals and develop a site specific plan that will enhance the property. Since each property and owner are unique, the strategies we use will be specific to the resources of the property and the project goals of the owner.


Restoration and Enhancement

Western Lands provides expert ecological and aesthetic enhancements for any type of project on any sized property. We manage all aspects of the planning, design, and construction for each element of the project to create a cohesive plan that runs as smoothly as possible within your schedule and budget.

  • Trout Streams

  • Ponds and Lakes

  • Wetlands

  • Native  Revegetation

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Concierge Site Development

If you buy raw land or need to retrofit or upgrade improvements on your property, then you will want us to manage all of the many consultants and contractors required for the built structures such as custom homes, barns, and riding arenas, as well as the infrastructure such as roads, driveways, trails, water wells, septic, utilities, and drainage facilities. We also manage all of the federal, state, and local permitting that will be required for your project.


Land Investment Management

This entails how the property is managed and maintained after the initial enhancement work is completed. LIM includes how both the physical land asset itself is managed to keep it in prime condition as well as developing investment strategies such as conservation easements, water and mineral rights, natural resources, agriculture, and possibly subdivision of certain parcels. We provide comprehensive management strategies that explore all ways in which your land investment can work for you.

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Ranch Real Estate

We will work in your best interests, not simply to make a sale, but as a qualified buyer’s broker who can help you evaluate the property before you make a purchase. If selling your property is part of an exit strategy or simply becomes necessary, we can act as your seller’s agent to help you quickly liquidate the asset since we will have intimate knowledge of the ranch from working on it through the enhancement process.