Riss Reservoir North

Provided design and construction oversight on the restoration of a 3-acre reservoir on a ranch near Cripple Creek, Colorado. The earthen dam was breached so an adjustable water control structure could be installed to manage the water surface level. Revegetation and erosion control were key elements to the project.

Riss Reservoir South

On the same ranch as Riss Reservoir North, we had to breach an earthen dam to drain the seven acre lake. We developed a restoration plan for the newly exposed lake bottom that included native revegetation for upland, wetland, and stream habitat.

Riss Reservoir East

On an adjacent ranch to Riss North and Riss South, this project also required the breaching of a large earthen dam and restoration of the lake bottom. Twelve acres of native revegetation was designed to enhance upland, wetland, and stream habitat.

Wellington Wetlands

Western Lands worked as part of a design-build team to develop five acres of newly created waterfowl habitat for the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife. Two impoundments were created to be actively managed for optimized habitat on State Wildlife Areas.


Western Lands provided site planning, design and construction management services for a property located in Jefferson County, Colorado. We managed a rezoning of the property to prepare for custom homes. In addition, we rehabilitated an existing pond and added a windmill to aerate the water. Custom wood fencing was built to enhance the property.

Skin Gulch Restoration

We worked as part of a multidisciplinary design-build team for the restoration of a stream and riparian area that was affected by wildfires on US Forest Service land. We developed a stream restoration plan and native revegetation program for the site to help stabilize the soils, prevent further erosion, enhance the aesthetics and wildlife habitat.

Gravel Pit Reclamation

Western Lands designed the restoration plan for a large gravel pit located in Eagle County, Colorado. We developed a system of streams and ponds along with public trails and wildlife viewing areas. The property was converted to an open space park managed by Eagle County.

Montrose Wetland Mitigation

This project included the design and construction of 16-acres of wetland mitigation on a 6,000-acre ranch that was developed into a Greg Norman golf course and custom home development. We identified suitable sites and managed the design, permitting, and construction oversight for the entire mitigation project.

Tazi Ranch

Western Lands provided land enhancement plans for this 150-acre private ranch in Douglas County, Colorado. We developed a weed management plan, erosion control for the roads, and a native revegetation plan for a stream and ponds.

Telluride Residence

This project included landscape design and planning for a custom home project located near Telluride, Colorado. We worked closely with the architect to help enhance the aesthetic appeal of the incredible site with a complete landscape design plan.

Waunita Hot Springs Ranch

Western Lands worked with the owner of this 150-acre ranch to develop reclamation plans and permitting for stream enhancement and pond work. We also provided site planning drawings for the layout of roads, trails, and building areas on the ranch.

Legacy Pines East

This project is a 243-acre custom home development located in Douglas County, Colorado. Western Lands has assisted with the site design and county permitting process along with developing fire mitigation and weed management plans. We will be assisting the new lot owners with site planning, design, and owner's rep services for their custom home projects.  

Holmestead Ranch

This 150-acre private ranch near Fairplay, Colorado included a 3/4 mile river restoration as well as riparian and upland habitat enhancements. We provided design, permitting, and construction management services for the property owner.

West Ten Mile Creek Revegetation

This project involved the restoration and enhancement of West Ten Mile Creek that flows through the base of Copper Mountain Ski Resort. We were part of a design-build team that managed all aspects of the project. We provided design, planning, permitting, and construction oversight for this highly visible project.

Eastlake Reservoir

Western Lands designed the restoration plans for this 12-acre lake located in a park in Greeley, Colorado. We developed shoreline stabilizations, stormwater management, lake bottom grading, and overall aesthetic improvements for this highly used park project.